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25 May, 2006  JAG 6.1: Displaytag 1.1 upgrade and colored console logger.
For the struts web tier templates an upgrade to displaytag 1.1 has been implemented, including pdf export. Improved feedback is available through the colored console logger, where template errors will show up in red.
24 April, 2006  JAG 6.0: Tapestry 4, Hibernate 3 and Acegi security java5 based template.
JAG 6.0 adds support for a java5 based template. The template makes extensive use use of java5 annotations and generics Among the new features are: Tapestry 4 support, XFire SOAP framework (based on STAX) (http://xfire.codehaus.org), Acegi security login, Rome RSS feed support, Many2Many relations support, Jasper PDF Reports and generation of a Intellij 5 project file for a web application.
18 September, 2005  JAG 5.0: Spring and Hibernate 3 Annotations support
JAG 5.0 adds support for the Spring framework as service layer for struts/hibernate. For Hibernate 3 annotation support is added and long hibernate sessions are used to allow lazy loading. Spring @Transaction annotations are supported if java5 is enabled. The generated testing framework has been improved by adding Emma code coverage, and spring transaction junit tests.
5 june, 2005  JAG 4.2: Hibernate 3 and Axis 1.2 WebServices
JAG 4.2 adds support for Hibernate 3 using Xdoclet tags. Since xdoclet currently doesn't have support for Hibernate 3, Ant postprocessing is used to fix the generated mapping files. Another big enhancement to JAG is support for Business methods that can be exposed as Axis 1.2 Webservices.
7 March, 2005  JAG 4.1: EJB3 Early Draft 2, Hibernate for Tomcat 5 and upgrade to Struts 1.2.4
In this release the EJB3 Early Draft 2 specifications are supported using the JBoss 4 EJB3 preview release 4. Also Hibernate support for Tomcat 5 has been added. The web tier has been upgraded to use struts 1.2.4 with improved i18n support.
24 January, 2005  JAG 4.0: Support for EJB 3.0 and Hibernate 2.1
JAG has a pluggable business/persistence layer and adds support for EJB3 and Hibernate 2.1 in this release. EJB3 is supported for the JBoss4.0 application server with EJB3.0 Preview Release 2. Since JAG also supports EJB2 using xdoclet, it's great to see how all xdoclet markup is obsolete for the EJB3 release now!
09 December, 2004  JAG 3.4: Web interface using displaytag tables and improved architecture using service locator
JAG now generates an improved J2EE architecture using a service locator and dynamic business delegates to access session EJBs. The web layer is decoubled from the EJB layer using interfaces.
Also an improved web application is generated using the displaytag tag library which greatly improves the generated tables with paging, sorting and export functionality.
01 June, 2004  JAG 3.3: support for Bea Weblogic 8.1, Sun One Application Server 7.0 and Sun One JBoss 4.0
JAG now has support for generating working EAR files for the latest versions of Bea WebLogic, Sun One Application Server and JBoss all from the same sources. This makes the sources generated by JAG truly Application Server independent!
29 April, 2004  Improved JAR management and JAG modules released: JAG 3.2
JAG now downloads all required JARS just once and will use them in the generated projects. It's now possible to build a generated project without downloading any jar files and no internet access is required.
With JAG 3.2 all jar modules used by JAG have been release on sourceforge like the sequence generator, statement executor etc.. See the Developers section on jag.sourceforge.net.
30 Januari, 2004  Configurable Application Server Support: JAG 3.1
It's now possible to configure the target Application Server in the JAG GUI configuration panel. JBoss3.0 and JBoss3.2 are currently supported, but we are working on Oracle Application Server.
10 December, 2003  Generic Database Support: JAG v3.0.1
Up until now, JAG could only connect to databases that were explicitly supported (programatically). With the new 3.0.1 release of JAG, you can use the "Driver Manager" function to dynamically import new JDBC drivers. This enables you (in theory) to connect to any database that you have a JDBC driver for. So far succesfully tested against MySQL, Oracle 8, HSQLDB (Hypersonic) and PostgreSQL...
28 November, 2003  JAG hits the front pages!
The news release for JAG v3.0 has generated significant interest in the Java community at large. Today both TheServerSide and JavaLobby were running front-page stories covering the release, leading to active discussion on TheServerSide's JAG forum.
28 November, 2003  JAG v3.0 - UML integration
The 3.0 release sees a major step in JAG's capabilities: the ability to import and export system designs to/from third-party UML modelling tools.
Model your system in UML using tools such as the open source tool ArgoUML free-to-download Community Edition of PoseidonUML 3.0, import the model into JAG and generate the J2EE application.

J2EE development just got a whole lot simpler!

23 October, 2003  MySQL support in JAG v2.4
Previous versions of JAG were for the most part tested against Oracle databases, since the vast majority of Finalist's commercial clients use Oracle databases. While previous versions of JAG also supported MySQL (and PostgreSQL) databases, the support was somewhat buggy.

With version 2.4 we have focused development squarely on bringing the support for MySQL databases in to line with the Oracle support.
14 October, 2003  Velocity integration in v2.2
Today sees the release of the second open source version of JAG, version 2.2. In this version we have completely revamped the application generation templates; replacing the old, slow, hard-to-maintain templates with Velocity templates.

The move to Velocity has the following impact:
  • much easier-to-maintain, easier-to-create templates
  • faster application generation
  • eventual slimming-down of the code base (JAG currently supports both template engines, the old template engine will be removed in a future release)
There are also some bugfixes, and a couple of new feature requests (minor).
7 October, 2003  JAG version 2.1 released
Version 2.1 was released today on the JAG website for public download. This version is the first stable public release of JAG, previous versions having been used internally within Finalist IT Group.
7 July, 2003  JAG goes open source
JAG is a 100% Java gui-based tool for generating professional-quality J2EE projects. Developed internally by Finalist IT Group where it has been used successfully in commercial projects, we are now making JAG available to the community under the GPL licence.

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