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The central element of JAG is the graphical user interface (GUI), a Java application that allows you to configure all aspects of the J2EE application you are developing. Here are some screenshots of the JAG GUI in action:
click for larger image.. Here you can see the configuration possibilities associated with an entity-bean persistent field, including the automatically-generated Struts validation XML: in this case the field is a date that will be validated to the European format 'day-month-year'.
Once you have generated your J2EE project with JAG, even though the first-shot result is a fully-fledged functional application, you will inevitably want to further develop the application. JAG is a 'round-trip' tool that enables you to make infrastructure changes at a later stage in your project's development. To illustrate this, we have changed the name of an entity bean's persistent field and regenerated the application, and here you can see JAG telling you that the entity bean class has changed. click for larger image..
click for larger image.. Following on from the scenario above, here you can see the built-in "diff tool" within JAG that enables you to see the implications of changes to your application at the code level.
And of course, being developed 100% in Java, JAG lives up to the Java promise of platform independence. The above screenshots were taken on a machine running Windows XP, and here is JAG running equally happily on SuSE Linux: click for larger image..

JAG is open-source software and right now you can download the latest stable production relase (or if you prefer, the 'bleeding-edge' development relase) from SourceForge. We have striven to make JAG a user-friendly application, bundled with its own help screens to provide you with easy access to system documentation. We invite you to try out JAG, and maybe even join us and become part of the ongoing development effort to make JAG the open-source tool for J2EE development!


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